Wishing Stone Ceremonies: The Blessings Set in Stone

If you like the idea of including your friends and family in your marriage ceremony then you may like the Wishing Stone Ceremony. You can use pebbles from a favourite beach, stones from a woodland, seashells. The stones are distributed to the guests on their way in and they are invited to warm them in their hands throughout the ceremony. They silently make their wishes for the couple, imbibing the stones with their prayers, blessings or positive thoughts. The stones are then gathered up and held by the couple as a keepsake of the wedding day. They can be made into a mosaic for the home or garden or displayed in a glass bowl or vase.

Very often the stones are gathered by the couple from the place that the proposal happened, if it was on beach or elsewhere. It is possible to purchase round polished stones or glass gems from home-ware stores also. They can be left in a basket or on a tablecloth at the entrance to the ceremony or placed on each individual chair. They can also be handed out by a flower girl or page boy prior to the processional. At the end of the ceremony the guests are invited to leave their stone back in the basket or on the cloth.

This ceremony comes from a Scottish tradition know as The Oathing Stone whereby couples would carve their names into a stone. As they recited their vows the pass the stone from one to the other, holding it in their hand as if to set their promise into stone. This evolved into each guest being given a stone and the stones being kept as a permanent reminder of their presence during that life’s milestone. ¬†Their blessings, good will and love are preserved in stone that will last through the ages.

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