Who Should be Paying for the Wedding? – Traditional and Modern

If you’re recently engaged and trying to plan your wedding, the budget is going to come to mind sooner or later. Weddings can be really expensive, especially if you’re looking to invite a lot of people. The average Irish wedding will set you back around €25’000 and if you are also planning to buy a new house as newlyweds, you will need to have a good deal more than that in savings. Everyone has a different opinion of who should be paying for the wedding, but it ultimately comes down to each individual couple.

Traditional Weddings

Traditionally, the bride’s parents pay for the majority of wedding ceremony and reception costs. The groom’s parents would sometimes offer to pay for the rehearsal dinner to say thank you. In more recent times, if the parent’s are footing the bill, it is usually split between the bride’s and groom’s parents equally. However, this is definitely not the norm anymore, and you shouldn’t expect either parents to be paying for the wedding.

Modern Weddings

Modern couples are opting to pay for their weddings themselves. Some 78% of Irish couples go down this route, making it the most popular way to pay for weddings in Ireland. The older the couple, the more likely they will pay for their wedding themselves, but a lot of young couples do too.

A Compromise

A lot of parents want to contribute something to their daughter’s or son’s upcoming wedding. If this is the case with your parents, or your partner’s parents, why not let them pay for a small part of it? A lot of parents like to pay for the dress or the rehearsal dinner. If they’re willing to spend a bit more, they might want to pay for the honeymoon instead, and if they’re willing to spend less, why not have them pay for the celebrant?

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