Planning a Weekday Wedding – Advice and Inspiration

It is definitely the norm that weddings are on the weekend. This is obviously a lot more convenient for your guests who won’t have to take any days off work to attend. However, more and more couples are opting for midweek weddings. This is usually for budgetary reasons, because it is a special date, or because of the venues availability. If you are planning a weekday wedding here are some pointers.

Expect Less Guests

This can be a positive or a negative depending on what size wedding you want. It’s a given that everyone that is super close to you like your family and your best friends will attend regardless but others may not be able to. However, if it is on a Friday you’ll have a considerable bigger showing than a Tuesday, so if you want a big weekday wedding consider it as an option.

You Will Save Money

It costs considerably less to get married during the week because its not in as high demand. Venues will charge a substantial amount less for weekday weddings so expect to save a good bit of money saying ‘I Do’ during the week. This is perfect for those who’d rather keep the spare money for a house or honeymoon.

Give Plenty of Warning

Your guests will need to get holiday days in work so make sure you give them a good bit of notice if you are having a weekday wedding. This doesn’t mean you have to send out your invites super early, you can even just mail out an email save the date.

Consider an Evening Wedding

Why not consider an evening wedding? They can be super romantic and unique. If you want daytime photographs it might be a nice idea to have an early ceremony and then keep the festivities until everyone is off work. If it is a Friday evening people won’t even have to go into work the next day with a hangover.

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