Transport Options on your Wedding Day

So you’ve set a date and you’ve decided on where you want to marry, but how are you going to get there? How you arrive to your wedding ceremony can set the tone for your whole day so pressure is on! We’ve compiled a list of the more traditional ways to get to and from your wedding as well as the more unique ways you may not have thought of.

  1. Limousine

This is one of the more traditional modes of transport for a wedding. Usually, the bride would travel to the wedding in the limo accompanied by her bridesmaids and possibly a parent. After the wedding she would ditch her bridesmaids and travel back with her now husband.

  1. Sports Car

Is there one car you always wish you could drive but could never afford? Maybe an Aston Martin or a Lambourghini. If so now is your chance to be the driver of that car for one day. Dress depending, it may not be 100 percent practical for the bride to drive, but a popular option for couples who go down the sports car transport route is to have the groom drive to the ceremony in it and then after the ceremoney the bride will join him for the journey back. This is a sure way to get heads turning!

  1. Vintage Car

For some people the dream car is not always the fastest, slickest car on the road but an antique car. There is something very classic about arriving to and departing from your wedding in a vintage car, not to mention the photo ops!

  1. Horse Drawn Carriage

This is a favourable option for the princess bride. Depending on the size of your wedding party it’s possible to have everyone arrive in the one carriage, but if you have an abundance of bridesmaids it may be best to just have your dad accompany you, or whoever it is who is walking you down the aisle.

  1. Two- Wheelers

If you want something a little bit more out there why not ride away on a vespa or even a harley. This may be tricky in a dress and heels so make sure you practice to avoid any accidents. This does not have to be in the exact dress and heels you plan on wearing on the day because you may not want your husband to see you in your dress or you just don’t to risk ruining it.

  1. By Air

We realise this option is definitely not available to everyone but if it is, your guests will be in a for huge surprise. Touch down at your ceremony in a hired helicopter. Keep in mind that you will need to check with the venue that this option is allowed and feasible depending on landing space.

  1. Buses

This is an option for your guests. If you’re having your wedding in a remote place or you just want to keep everyone together, why not hire a wedding bus to transport your guests from the ceremony to the reception.

Here at Marry Me Ireland we have a wide variety of exceptional celebrants who can deliver the wedding ceremony of your dreams – traditional, unique or otherwise. So get in touch today and we can start planning your special day!