Modern Elegant Wedding Theme – Ideas and Inspiration

A lot of couples choose to theme their wedding so everything coordinates perfectly together. It’s important to pick a theme both you and your partner are 100 percent happy with. If you are having a themed wedding, everything needs to match or anything that isn’t on theme will stick out like a sore thumb. A theme that is particularly popular in 2018 is modern elegant. This is perfect for the modern couple who like bold statements and everything clean cut.

Colour Scheme

This is one of the first decisions you should make when planning your wedding. It will save a lot of time by narrowing down all of your options. Popular modern elegant wedding colours include, red and dark grey; black, gold and white; and purple and grey. Bold statement colours are very trendy this year.


If you are having a themed wedding it is a nice idea to keep your invitations in line with the theme. It sets the tone from the start and lets your guests know what they are in for from the beginning. This will get them excited and prepared for whats to come. Modern elegant wedding invitations should be bold and crisp.


Decorations are one of the main ways to get your wedding theme to shine through. Modern elegant wedding decorations should be trendy statement pieces. Tables and furniture should be square or rectangle and a popular modern elegant chair choice is compass chairs. If you can get your hands on it, modern art is a great way to both fill the room and highlight the theme. Glass is another popular modern elegant wedding go to.

Dress Code

This is optional of course and a lot of people don’t make their wedding guests stick with the theme. If you are going all out and want to include a themed dress code keep it chic yet elegant. Cocktail attire is probably the most in theme dress code for modern and elegant weddings but you can tweek this a little, to better suit your tastes.

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