Wedding Seating Plan – Ideas and Inspiration

Deciding on the perfect wedding seating plan, or even to have one at all, can be a stressful, time-consuming task if you are having a big wedding. While it may seem easier to leave people sit where they please, this can get really messy on the day. As well as this, in a recent survey, a huge majority of wedding goers said they much preferred assigned seating than a free for all – whether its assigned tables or exact seats.

If you choose to have assigned seats, the first thing to decide is if you want to assign people to certain tables or exact seats. While assigning tables is more common in the USA, assigning exact tables is more popular in Europe. The advantage to assigning seats are that there will be no confusion or awkwardness when people go to sit down, and it is a good opportunity to do some match making. The advantages to assigned tables are that there is less organising involved and guests will have some choice in who they sit beside.

When you are organising your wedding seating arrangements you may want to put people who know one another beside each other. Avoid mixing age groups too much, and keep the children at certain tables unless they are too young to sit away from their parents. Try distribute everyone carefully and don’t have a leftovers table filled with everyone who didn’t fit into other tables.

There are cool little ways to tell everyone what table they are sitting at. Have the seating chart displayed as people come in the door so they know straight away where they’re seated. Some couples have different quirky names for the different tables and some decide to go even more original, like laying out a shot for everyone with the name of their table printed on the front. Be creative, it’s the first thing your guests will see going into the reception, so it sets the tone.

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