The Day of: Wedding Reception To Do List

The day of your wedding will hopefully be one of the best days of your life. All the stress you experienced organising your wedding has led up to this day. While the vast majority should already be planned and ready to go, there are some smaller things that may still need your attention. The last thing you want to be doing is stressing so run through this wedding reception checklist and make sure everything is ready to go, and your day will run a lot smoother.

Pay Suppliers

If you haven’t fully paid some of your suppliers, either partially or in full, and are waiting for the wedding reception to pay them, have it all ready to go. Have all of the payments separated into envelopes. If you are planning on tipping any of the suppliers or waiting staff etc. the same applies. Put cash into labelled envelopes and assign someone you trust to hand them out at the end.


You’ll no doubt be inundated with gifts and cards at the wedding reception. Make sure to have a place to keep them all safe. The venue may help you with this but if they don’t assign a bridesmaid or groomsman to take the presents and/or cards and put them away safely.


While the photographer will probably know everyone in your wedding party from getting ready and the ceremony, they wont know who else you want photographed. Assign a friend or family member to let the photographer know who is who.


A lot of brides and grooms are so busy all day they forget to, or don’t have time to eat. Make sure you eat a dinner, your hangover will thank you for it in the morning and you are paying for it after all. If you don’t want the food your serving (a lot of brides don’t) ask the kitchen in advance to make you a separate dish.

Have Some Alone Time

Lastly, make sure you take even 15 minutes to spend alone with your new wife or husband. The day may be very hectic but try and fit it in. A lot of couples say this was their favourite part of the day when they think back to it.

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