Wedding Present Ideas and Inspiration for Every Budget

Wedding presents traditionally consisted of home supplies that the newlyweds could use in their new home. However, modern couples are moving in together way before the wedding, so guests have to think outside the box when going wedding present shopping. Not everybody loves buying presents as much as we do, so we’ve thought up of 5 wedding present ideas you can get if you are stuck for an idea. 

1. Weekend Away

One present a lot of married couples love to get is a voucher for a weekend away. It gives the couple something to look forward to once the wedding celebrations and the honeymoon end. It definitely does not have to be overseas, somewhere down the country can be just as nice. If they are getting married in a hotel you might consider getting a voucher for the same hotel, so they can reminisce on their wedding day a few months later.

2. Contribute Towards a Wedding Vendor

Weddings are very expensive so anything you can do to contribute to the wedding fund will be greatly appreciated. Why not pay for a vendor like the DJ or photographer? If it is too expensive join up with other wedding guests and get it as a joint present.

3. Honeymoon

Why not find out where the soon to be bride and groom are going on honeymoon and get them a voucher for an activity or meal over there? This will be really thoughtful and will give the couple a moment to remember. Make sure you let the couple know that they need to open your gift before the honeymoon, in case they are waiting to open their wedding presents when they get back.

4. Personalised Gifts

The best wedding presents are personal and meaningful. Personalised gifts can be got on almost any wedding budget, so are perfect for people who don’t want to, or can’t, spend too much. Engraved wedding flutes and champagne is a favourite for those wishing to spend a bit more and a framed newspaper front page of the date they got married is perfect for those on a budget. It’s something they can keep forever.

5. Money

A lot of people don’t want to give money as a wedding gift because it makes them uncomfortable. However, it is definitely the number one favourite and requested wedding present. The bride and groom will have spent a lot of money on their wedding and honeymoon, and possible new house, so a chance to get some of that back will be more than welcome.

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