Your Wedding Planning Timeline: 3 Months Before the Wedding

At this stage of the wedding planning process you should have a lot of the big things organised including your venue, your guest list, music, flowers, photographer and food. If you have been following our previous wedding planning timeline blog posts you will also have booked your celebrant. Not to worry if you haven’t, just email and we will start the process. While you may have the big decisions made there are still a few things left on your wedding planning timeline to do list three months before your big day.


Three months before the wedding is about the right time to send out your invites. If you have already sent out your save the dates, your guests will be expecting them. If there are more people you want to invite to your wedding, than you can because of venue or budget restrictions, make a second guest list and send out extra invites if people on your first list can’t make it. Tip – Tell no one, people will get offended.

Obtain a Marriage Licence

In Ireland you have to make the HSE aware that you are getting married at least three months before you get married. If you have not already done this it is important to do it ASAP. To give notice, you must book a notification appointment and both of you must attend. If you are legally getting married outside Ireland but having your ceremony here this is not necessary.


Seating Plan

Once your guests RSVP you can begin drafting up a seating plan. This can get pretty stressful so leave a good amount of time for it. The first thing to do is decide how you want to split your guests up; randomly, friend groups, bride vs groom etc. Alternatively, you can have your guests decide themselves when they get to the venue but sometimes this can get messy and people that don’t know anyone end up alone.

Hair and Makeup

If you are getting your hair and makeup done professionally, book them in three months before your wedding. It’s important that you pick someone that will style you to your taste. If it is in your budget, do a practice round to make sure you have picked the right look.

Buy Groom’s Outfit

At this point of your wedding planning timeline the bride’s dress should be picked out unless you are buying off the rack, so it’s time to sort out the groom. Make sure the groom’s outfit is on theme and is something that will go well with the dress. If you are having a same sex wedding, and both of you are wearing suits or tuxes, it’s really important that they match.

Here at Marry Me Ireland we have a wide variety of exceptional celebrants who can deliver the wedding ceremony of your dreams – traditional, unique or otherwise. So get in touch today and we can start planning your special day!