Tips for Drafting up your Wedding Guest List

Making your guest list may not be as fun as choosing your dress and tasting your cake, but it’s essential to every wedding. However, if you follow these tips it will make the process run a lot smoother and it’ll be done before you know it.

Be Collaborative

Unless you are marrying yourself, there should be two people with an equal input in the guest list. Of course you’d prefer to have full control but you want your significant other to have the people they’re closest to at the wedding as well.

On the other end of things, it’s your day so don’t feel pressured by your parents or friends into inviting people you don’t care to be there. Your mother in law may be itching to get her neighbour who you’ve only briefly said hi to on the list, or your dad and his golf buddy who neither of you have met. So be firm and don’t invite anyone that won’t add to your day by being there.

Write up your Dream List

There’s no harm in putting all your cards on the table and listing everyone you’d ever imagine coming to your wedding. Don’t think about your budget or your venue size, just jot everyone down and worry about all of that after. This is a great way to make sure you don’t forget about anybody and have to make last minute invites.

Be Realistic

Leave your dream list stirring for a little bit before making any cuts. You’ll definitely keep going back to it with new names. Once you’re nearly sure you’ve accounted for everybody, it’s time to be realistic. Your budget, your preference, and your venue capacity are the biggest factors in deciding how many people to invite. Take all of these into consideration and decide on how many people you’ll be inviting. It’s much better to be on the conservative side with wiggle room in case you need to add anyone else later.

Make Cutting Rules

When cutting your list, first begin by skimming down and scratching off anyone that neither of you care to be at your wedding. The best and easiest way to get down to your chosen number of guests after that is to make up a set of rules. Here are a few common ones, but make sure you tailor them to suit you.

  • If neither of you have ever spoken to them or met them before.
  • If you haven’t spoken to them in the last five years and they’re not a relation.
  • If someone is on the list just because you feel guilty not inviting them but you don’t actually care for them to be there.
  • If your parents or siblings are making you invite someone, but again, you don’t want them on the list.
  • Maybe you don’t want children at your wedding.

Have a Backup List

This should consist of people you really want on the main guest list but you can’t invite due to numbers or budget. Put the list in order of preference, that way if someone sends back an RSVP saying they can’t make it, you can invite whoever comes next on the backup list. Be sure not to tell anyone about this list in case it gets back to anyone that they were on it.

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