Wedding Gifts on a Budget; Thoughtful Yet Inexpensive

Weddings are not only expensive for the couple getting married but also for the guests attending. You have to get an outfit, transport, hotel (if the wedding isn’t close to home), drinks and lastly the present. It can go well into the hundreds depending on all of the above. Presents are a necessity going to a wedding, they help the newly weds begin their life together, but you don’t have to break the bank. We have compiled a list of a few different wedding gifts on a budget to help get your thought process flowing.

  1. A Framed Memorabilia

This can be really thoughtful and it is something the newlyweds can keep forever. Framing their wedding invitation or their names and the date they were married is a nice idea. Alternatively, get their engagement photo printed if you have access to it.

  1. Dinner or a Short Stay for Two

Initially this seems like it may be quite expensive but you can find great deals on sites like Groupons and Living Social. If this is still a bit steep why not fill a basket with all necessities for a home cooked meal, include a recipe, wine and candles for a nice touch.

  1. Write their Love Story

If you are the creative type you should considerate writing a short story of the couples life so far. Get it printed with a picture of them on the cover.

  1. Lend them a Hand

If you are really tight for money then why not provide them a service. Maybe you are into photography so you can take their wedding pictures, or maybe music is more up your street so you can DJ or play live.

  1. Honeymoon Planning

Find out where the couple is going on their honeymoon and plan an activity for them while they are there. You can get them tickets to a show, or a voucher for a restaurant that is supposed to be great. If either of those things are too expensive why not write a personalised book of all the best things to do in that place for them. Include restaurants you’ve researched and you know they’d love, activities, relaxation, the best beach spots etc. It’s important you tailor it to the couple to make it more personal and thoughtful.

  1. Printed Trinkets

If it’s suited to the couple whose wedding you are going to you can their photograph or something meaningful on various types of trinkets. Some popular items are cushions, pillows, cups, coasters, and t-shirts. This present really depends on taste so make sure you know who you are buying for.

  1. Bride and Groom Teddy Bears

This present is gaining a bit of popularity. It is something that the couple can keep to remember their big day. Like the printed trinkets this present is only suited to certain type of people. These wedding gifts can go along with one of the other ones like the love story or the lending of a service if you don’t want to show up empty handed. 

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