Wedding Favours – From Keepsakes to Perishable Goods

Wedding favours are a great way to add a little spark to your wedding day. Your guests are taking their time out to spend one of the most special days of your lives with you, so wedding favours are a great way to not only say thank you, but also to give them a little something to remember the day by.

A Slice of Cake

Wedding favours stemmed from wedding couples giving out leftover cake to their guests when they were leaving. There’s usually a lot of cake leftover and there’s no need for it to go to waste. Buy decorative cake boxes for cheap online and ask the caterers or staff to cut up all of the uneaten cake.

A Hangover Kit

Put a bottle of water, some vitamins, two panadol, a Dioralyte and a frozen eye mask into a decorative box or bag and give it to your guests at the end of the night. They will be thankful in the morning when they wake up with a blinding headache. This is the perfect wedding favour for weddings that are predicted to go on until all hours.

A Plant

This works really well if you are having potted plants as your wedding flowers. There’s lots of small plants like cacti that won’t break the bank and make for really cute favours. Alternatively, seeds can work in the same way, they’re both lasting memories of your wedding day.

A Mixed Tape

Creating a CD with all of your wedding songs is a great way to remind your guests of your wedding when they listen to it. Come up with good packaging for extra flair, possibly a photo or an inscription. If you want to be more modern, a link to a Spotify playlist will do the same job.

Engraved or Printed Objects

Engraving wooden tags and spoons are a cute way to send your wedding guests off. Alternatively get personalised messages printed on food packaging (lollipops, bags of sweets, cookies) or notebooks. Personalised things are the most meaningful after all, just like our unique wedding ceremonies.

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