Wedding Dresses; Dress for your Body Type

If you’re anything like us girls at Marry Me Ireland you’ve been dreaming about finding the perfect wedding dress for forever! Everybody wants to look their best self on their wedding day and because of this most of us put a lot of pressure on finding the dream dress. You may have different styles in mind but when you actually try them on they may not sit exactly like you imagined. To help you with this, we have come up with a  guide to finding the type of wedding dress that suits your body shape best. 

Mermaid Dresses

Style: Tight on top and flares out on or below the knee.

These dresses will highlight every knuck and cranny on your body. It is a very sexy style of dress that is best suited to slender bodies. It looks great on girls that want to accentuate their curves and will suit tall and small brides.

Ball Gowns

Style: Tight until the waste with a very full skirt.

Ball gowns are for the brides looking to be as close to a princess as possible on their special day. This dress will suit brides with boyish or pear shaped figures. The full skirt will hide any body parts lower than the waste, making brides with boyish figures appear fuller and brides with pear shapes appear slimmer. This gown is not best for petite brides who may appear shorter than they wish among all the fabric.

The Trumpet or Drop Waist

Style: Tight on top that flares just below the bum.

This style of dress suits women who want to show off their middle section. It will hug your waist and hips and depending on where the flare begins possibly your bum.

A- Line Dress

Style: Fitted at the bodice that seamlessly flows out at the waist.

A-line dresses are good for anyone with a big bust. They are not as figure hugging as the trumpet or mermaid dresses and they don’t have as full of a skirt as the ball gowns. They suit any wedding location and our perfect for every bride. They are one of the most popular wedding gowns for this reason.

Column or Sheath Dress

Style: This dress is form-fitting from top to bottom and follows the body’s natural curves.

This style of dress is very good for petite brides. It does not break up the body, giving the appearance of a longer self. 

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