Alternative Weddings – Changing up the Wedding Dress

While walking down the aisle on your wedding day in a traditional white wedding gown, is a lot of bride’s shared dream, it’s not for everybody. These days weddings are becoming more and more personal and there’s no set of rules on how your wedding should be. If you can’t and don’t want to picture yourself saying ‘I Do’ in somebody else’s picture perfect dress then we’ve got you covered!

Coloured Dresses

Just because white dresses aren’t for everyone, it doesn’t mean you have to skip on the dress all together. Coloured dresses are particularly popular for people who are remarrying, because they’ve already done the whole white dress thing. Make sure you pick a dress that matches your wedding’s colour theme, you can even choose the dress first to avoid limiting your choice and then pick the theme around that.


White jumpsuits are becoming more and more popular as wedding dress alternatives. They are a really fashion forward way to walk down the aisle. They are ideal for medium to tall brides, but smaller brides can wear them too, just try a more fitted style so it doesn’t eat you up. Jumpsuits come in all shapes, so if you think this could be for you, try on loads of styles to find the ideal one for you!

Skirt and Top

This look is very popular in LA at the moment. Wedding outfits no longer have to be conservative and if you feel more comfortable in a two piece, then rock it! This is more of a spring/summer look but you can make it work in the colder months as well with a long sleeve top.


Who says suits are just for men? A lot of women are taking black tie quite literally, looking classic and sexy on the day of their weddings, by suiting up.  The colour and fit of the suit or tux is up to you, but make sure you coordinate with your partner so you aren’t clashing for the photos.

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