Sweet and Delicious Wedding Desserts That Aren’t Cake

The cutting of the wedding cake is a tradition a lot of couples tend to uphold, if not for the fun then for the photos. However, brides and grooms everywhere are starting to look for alternative wedding desserts that will get their guests excited. Whether this is instead of the cake or as extra quirky options, read on to get your taste buds flowing.


If you prefer savoury foods to sweet foods this is the option for you. You can have cheese boards or even lair cheese wheels in the shape of a tiered cake, and still get your traditional wedding cake cutting moment.


Cupcakes and decorated buns are a cheaper alternative to a wedding cake. Wedding cakes can be expensive, particularly if you’re having a big wedding and have a lot of guests to feed. This option is cleaner as well, as there is no cutting involved, and everyone can just take a bun.

Finger Food

Just because you are having a sit down dinner does not mean you have to have a sit down dessert. A lot of newlyweds choose to serve dessert as finger good, or on a buffet table, a while after the dinner. This option works well if you don’t want to splash out on wedding desserts or if you want to get people mingling early on.

Ice Cream Van

Having food trucks at weddings has become really popular the last few years, so why not extend this to wedding desserts? If you are having an outdoor wedding or a wedding in a canopy, this will work particularly well. If not, and there’s noway to get the ice cream van into your venue, think about getting an ice cream machine instead.

Candy Bar

This is the perfect option for the sweet tooth. Think candyfloss machines, freshly popped popcorn, and tonnes of jellies. You can even make the stand funfair themed for an extra quirky flare.

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