Love Stories: Vow Renewal Ceremony on Trinity Island

Coree and Steve renewed their vows on Trinity Island with our celebrant Mo Keane. They were celebrating 19 years of marriage and recommitting to work together to make their marriage grow and blossom.

Coree and Steve have grown up together since elementary school. After high school Steve asked Coree to marry him and of course she said yes. Five years after they married they became parents for the first time when their little boy was born. Two years later they were blessed again with a little girl.

When Steve was asked what he loves most about Coree, he said he loves her personality and how great a mother she is. He loves how much fun they have together and how they enjoy the same things in life. When Coree was asked, she said he is her superhero; he would do anything for her and the kids and he always puts others before himself.

After they renewed their vows, Coree and Steve had a handfasting ceremony. The expression tying the knot, or hand in matrimony, comes from this ritual. As we bound their hands together they are also bound together in mind and heart and their separate ancestral lines unite. The colour of the ribbons a couple chooses to use in their handfasting ceremony holds different meanings. They chose pink signifying unity, honour, truth, romance, and happiness; brown signifying earth, grounding, talent, telepathy, and home; and orange signifying encouragement, attraction, kindness, and plenty.

Describing their celebrant Mo Keane they said, “She is one of the most lovely people we have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  We couldn’t have asked for a better celebrant to help us plan our ceremony.  She seemed to know exactly what we were thinking even though we didn’t know ourselves.  She was resourceful and very accommodating when our venue changed at the last minute.  She quickly became a trusted friend, and she made our trip and ceremony the most unforgettable experience.”

Everybody at Marry Me Ireland wishes Steve and Coree the happiest life together. We hope your vow renewal ceremony on Trinity Island was everything you wished for and more.

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