Love Stories: Shirley and Scott’s Vow Renewal at Dromoland Castle

Today’s love story is that of Shirley and Scott, who had their vow renewal ceremony at Dromoland Castle this summer. Dromoland Castle is the perfect venue for both vow renewals and weddings. It’s a five star luxury golf resort and spa located in Co. Clare. The castle dates back as far as the 15th century, but the building we see today was completed in 1835. It is home to one of Ireland’s michelin star restaurants and has ample facilities to keep your wedding guests occupied.

Shirley and Scott had an intimate vow renewal ceremony, to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, with their children as they toured Ireland. They always dreamed of renewing their vows in an Irish castle, and this past May that dream came true.

When describing their experience, Scott and Shirley said, “Marriage is something we hold dearly, and to be able to renew our vows in such a beautiful place like Ireland, was a dream come true. Even more so, to have this experience with our children, filled our hearts with love and understanding of how important family really is.” Their vow renewal was centred around their love for each other and their family. They not only said vows to each other but to their kids as well. They had this poem read aloud to represent the meaning of family;

A family is …..
The sweetest feelings
The warmest hugs
Trust and togetherness
Unconditional love
The stories of our lives written on the same page
The nicest memories anyone has ever made
Treasured photos
Thankful tears
Hearts overflowing with all the years

Being there for one another
Supporting and caring
Understanding, Helping, Sharing
Walking life’s path together
And making the journey more beautiful because …..
We are a family…..
And a family is Love.

Scott and Shirley had a sand blending ceremony and a handfasting. The sand blending ceremony represented bringing their family together as one. They blended sand from California and Ireland to represent all of the fun times they’ve had as a family swimming and surfing. The handfasting ceremony is an age old Irish tradition that bonds a couple together forever. Just like a knot gets stronger under pressure, so does love.

Shirley and Scott’s vow renewal was performed by our celebrant Clara Malone. Shirley and Scott said Clara took her time creating an ideal ceremony to fit their exact needs, “Clara gave us an array of options and crafted a truly beautiful ceremony for us that encapsulated what we had always envisioned.”

Everybody at Marry Me Ireland wishes Scott, Shirley, and their whole family, the biggest congratulations on their tenth wedding anniversary. We hope your vow renewal ceremony at Dromoland Castle was everything you hoped for and more.

Here at Marry Me Ireland we have a wide variety of exceptional celebrants who can deliver the wedding or vow renewal ceremony of your dreams – traditional, unique or otherwise. So get in touch today and we can start planning your special day!