Love Stories: Vow Renewal Ceremony at Slea Head in Dingle

Today’s love story began in 1985 at Patrick’s family home, where he met his wife to be Penny. This past August they’ve celebrated the 32nd anniversary of their first date, with a vow renewal ceremony overlooking Slea Head in Dingle.

Patrick proposed to Penny by presenting a letter he wrote to her. He went down on one knee as he listened to her read it aloud. In his hands he held a red rose with an engagement ring sitting on top of it. Penny said yes of course.

Penny’s favourite memory of their wedding is when Patrick spontaneously lifted her out of the church, like he was lifting her over the threshold.  Patrick’s favourite memory, which is captured in a photo, is of Penny getting out of a family friend’s car just after their wedding. Penny’s eyes are absolutely exploding with joy, mystery, and love.

Like all marriages, there has been ups and downs. But since they decided to begin their relationship anew, on November 1st 2017, they continuously seek ways to re-kindle their love, warmth, tenderness, joy, peace, spirituality, and love for each other.

Patrick and Penny had a handfasting ceremony performed by our wonderful celebrant Gary Ledwith. The expression tying the knot comes from this Ancient form of Brehon Marriage dating back to the 5th century. Like a loving bond, a knot gets stronger under pressure. They wrote their own personal vows to each other, and announced their renewed bond and love in a place of spectacular beauty in the South West of Ireland.

Everybody at Marry Me Ireland wishes Patrick and Penny a wonderful life together. We hope your vow renewal ceremony at Slea Head was everything you wished for and more.

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