Tree Planting Wedding Ceremonies

The tree planting ceremony is very much in vogue these days for both Baby Naming ceremonies and weddings. Planting a tree is a beautiful way to represent the beginning of something big, be it a marriage, love or a new arrival in your family.

The roots of this tree represent the roots of the our lives: our families, the place where we were born, and the values that our parents shared with us. This is our foundation in life, the love from our partners, family and friends and the home we have been born into. The roots of the tree represent belonging.

The leaves and blossoms represent sharing and giving, the many gifts and talents and the abundance we will have in our lives. It requires care for a tree to grow and give fruit. A tree needs good soil, water and sunshine to flourish. This symbolises the care of parents for their children and the care a couple give to each other in their relationship.  When we grow in a healthy, positive and nourishing environment, we develop our talents, becoming generous, fulfilled and happy people.

Dark clouds, wind and heavy rains may challenge the tree. It might lose some of its branches. It will shed its bounty each year. This symbolises the pain, losses and disappointments that we all face in our lives. In order to grow, we all face sad moments and will need to find a way to deal with them. However, just as the wind strengthens a tree, our challenges make us resilient and firm under pressure, giving us inner strength and character. Challenges are our gifts and what make us who we are.

With a little loving care the tiniest saplings can grow into the mightiest of trees, reaching for the sun and providing shelter and nourishment to all.

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