Wedding Themes: Vintage Wedding

One of the biggest wedding requests is couples wanting their weddings to stand out. A good way to do this is to attach a theme to your wedding. It is important to put a lot of thought into what theme you want, and not to just pick something for the sake of it. If you want a wedding full of nostalgia and glamour, a vintage wedding may be perfect for you.

Wedding Dress

When going dress shopping look up the style from the olden days. Lace or old Hollywood glam could be something that tickles your fancy. Remember the accessories are nearly as important as the dress. Think birdcage veils and vintage shoes that match the style of your dress. Pick out vintage jewellery to compliment your look, and if your engagement ring is an heirloom – all the better!

Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture is a sure fire way to put a vintage feel to your special day. Go to second hand stores and look up sites like eBay and Done Deal to find furniture that not only matches your wedding theme but also suits your taste. Use vintage furniture in place of reception tables and chairs, . Instead of using regular tables why not use beauty stands and dressers for your guest book tables, drink’s tables, and flower stands. Granted you will need tables and chairs for people to eat their dinner off but you can mix and match, not all of the tables and chairs need to be the same.


Jazz up your wedding bouquet by attaching vintage broaches to the flowers. When choosing the rest of your flowers look at old fashioned flowers full of character and romance. Some flower shops will deal solely in vintage flowers, so shop around a bit before you choose the perfect florist to match your theme.


It’s important to get the tone of your wedding right from the beginning. If you are having a themed wedding the invites should match the theme. For a vintage wedding think lace, stained paper, and calligraphy.


Arriving to your wedding reception in a vintage car is the perfect way to start the day off with a bang. Not only does it fit in perfectly with your theme it is classy and romantic. Bonus – vintage cars look great in photos!

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