I Do, Take Two: Getting Married Second Time Around

Many couples are giving love a second chance and are choosing to marry second time around. Here a few helpful tips on how to create the ideal ceremony for you both.

Divorce Paperwork: To begin the process of getting the legals ready, make sure that you check that your divorce is final and is recognised by the HSE. If your divorce was in another country there might be a fee to have it recognised in Ireland. If your marriage is recognised in the UK, you could carry out the legals in Northern Ireland to save yourself the expense of registering it in Ireland. As per usual you will need to see the registrar twice, firstly to declare your intent to marry and secondly to sign the register and make your witnessed declarations. It makes no difference whether you do this before or after your Marry Me Ireland Ceremony. 

The world is your oyster these days in terms of the kind of ceremony you would like. You can add elements of religion and even use a DE-consecrated church to give it a more traditional feel. We respect the beliefs and can accommodate all cultures and practices at Marry Me Ireland and are happy to add as much or as little  religion as you like. For Catholics this can mean a great deal as it not allowed by the Roman Catholic Church to be married a second time, after divorce.

For some couples they prefer to have a non-legal commitment ceremony, this is a celebration of the relationship either alone or with friends and family and is a way of publicly affirming your devotion without the legal contract or change in marital status.

Love is for all and nobody should be able to stand in the way of another person’s happiness. We are delighted to celebrate second marriages and find that our couples are even more romantic and committed when they decide they want to be married again. They are determined to make it work and to learn from the lessons of the past and move on. Often their families are thrilled to see them happy and in love once more.

If you are wondering what is possible for your second marriage here at Marry Me Ireland we are very happy to  help, simply contact us for more.