Street Wedding Ceremonies

One of growing ways to perform a wedding ceremony here at Marry Me Ireland is an on-street wedding ceremony. Usually performed in a city and popular all over the world in such iconic backdrops like New Orleans or Las Vegas, it’s becoming increasingly popular here in Ireland. And what better places to get married than on some of our beautiful streets around the country.

With the freedom of not needing a church or registered venue to marry in, couples in Ireland can now hold a wedding ceremony just about anywhere. For those city loving urbanistas the cityscape background is perfect. Whether it is in-front of an historic building or on the cobblestone streets of Galway outside a pub, these ceremonies are always exciting, atmospheric and with a random element. Without fail by the end of the pronouncement there will be an audience gathered to watch and a huge amount of whooping and applause at the kiss.

If you’d like to organise or book a celebrant for your wedding contact us here at Marry Me Ireland and tell us about your dream ceremony.

Image thanks to Jam Shoots Photography.