Spring Weddings – Ideas and Inspiration

Spring, particularly late Spring, is quickly becoming a really popular time to get married. It’s not as warm as summer but there’s less chance of rain and that winter chill has finally left the air. There’s something special about a Spring wedding, its the start of something new and fresh. If you plan on having a Spring wedding, get your ideas flowing

Colour Scheme

Picking a wedding colour scheme is one of the first things on a wedding to do list. There’s no point in planning your flowers, picking a cake or going bridesmaids dress shopping until you know if they will all match the colour scheme. Spring colours are generally lighter and brighter than winter colours. Yellows, light purples, pinks, baby greens and baby blues all come to mind for this time of year. You can pick more than one colour but make sure they compliment each other.


Flowers are an essential part to most weddings. A lot of couples have them at the ceremony, as centre pieces at the reception,in their bouquets, and just scattered around the location in general. One of the greatest benefits to Spring weddings is that there are abundance of flowers in bloom. You will have a huge variety of flowers to choose from and a lot them will be much cheaper than they would be in other seasons. Shop around florists for your flowers as the prices tend to fluctuate a lot.


Even though it may not rain as much in Spring, we live in Ireland so there’s still a big chance it will. However, outdoor weddings will be really picturesque this time of year, so if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, then go for it. Make sure to have a back up in case it rains though. Have a canopy on stand by or an alternative indoor location.


Flowers and colours are your bestfriend for Spring weddings. Floral decorations and light pastel colours are really popular this time of year. Make sure you stick to the same vibe when deciding on decorations, as the rest of the elements in your wedding to ensure it all blends well together.

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