Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

A well known wedding tradition is to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue on your wedding day. While we don’t think your marriage is doomed for failure if you don’t include them, it can be a nice way to bring meaning to your accessories. If you’re unsure of what to include for each of them, here are some suggestions.

Something Old

We love the idea of wearing something from your family for the ‘something old’ part. If your mum or grandmother still has something they wore on their wedding day you might want to wear it too. Alternatively, you can ask your other half’s mum if they have something meaningful. It can help bring your families together.

Vintage is very in right now so if you want some vintage accessories, visit a second hand shop and find something with real character.

Something New

For most people, their wedding dress is their ‘something new’. If you are borrowing your dress or if it was handed down to you, why not get new shoes or a new veil instead. Some grooms insist on taking care of the ‘something new’ and gift their bride to be jewellery to wear walking down the aisle.

Something Borrowed

Queen Elizabeth II lent Meghan Markle her diamond tiara as her ‘something borrowed’ for her special day. While we can’t promise you anything as extravagant as that, the ‘something borrowed’ element can be even more meaningful. Borrowing something to walk down the aisle with creates a closeness between you and the person who lent it to you. If you’ve gotten ‘something old’ from your own family, why not get ‘something borrowed’ off your in laws, or vice versa. Veils and jewellery are very popular items to borrow.

Something Blue

This is usually the one people get stuck on because the colour blue doesn’t go with a lot of wedding dresses. However, the blue does not necessarily have to be on show. A lot of brides wear a blue garter under their dresses. If you are all for blue, then why not get blue shoes to jazz up your look? or blue earrings or a ring? Whatever you decide, we are confident you will look fab!

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