Wedding Ceremonies: Sand Blending Ceremony

More and more couples are looking to find a special ceremony to perform at their wedding. While a lot of brides and grooms, want to have handfasting and candle lighting ceremonies, those looking for something a little more unique are turning to customs like sand blending ceremonies to add something extra to their special day.

A sand blending ceremony is a unity ceremony that involves blending at least two colours, or two types, of sand together. It represents the bringing together of two families into one. Typically, each person would take turns pouring one type of sand into a clear vase, creating a layered effect. Alternatively, the couple can pour the sand in together. Other people can be incorporated into this ceremony too. If you have kids or if you want your parents involved, have them add their own sand to the vase. This can give the vase an even deeper sense of family.

The sand blending ceremony originated in Asia, and gained popularity in the sixties in the U.S. and Australia. It can be incorporated into both religious and non-religious wedding ceremonies. In more religious ceremonies couples often mix the sand with a third neutral colour sand, that represents God or something spiritual.

While the unity candle from a candle lighting ceremony will eventually die out, the blended sand from a sand blending ceremony is a lasting memento that can never be separated. Sand is also a better option for outdoor weddings because candles may blow out. It is the perfect ceremony for beach weddings, and if couples are from different areas they can even mix the sand from their own hometowns.

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