Same Sex Weddings


Welcome to Ireland where all love is equal! Since the referendum we have been busy writing and delivering many of Ireland’s first gay marriage celebrations. In fact, to us there are no ‘same-sex’ weddings there are just ‘weddings’.

We have taken part in The 2016 Pride march in Dublin and have been pushing for more marriage equality when it comes to non-religious marriage. Marry Me Ireland was launched at Gay Pride, Dublin 2014. Since then we have conducted 277 weddings and rising. At our core we are about reclaiming, redefining and revolutionising ritual to give it real meaning in a modern context and we represent a broad spectrum of the Community. We campaigned for Marriage Equality voraciously and were elated by Ireland’s unanimous decision to vote for same-sex couples full Marriage Rights in our constitution.


Modern couples come in all shapes and sizes, ethnicities, sexualities, ages and religious persuasions. A one size-fits-all wedding ceremony simply will not do. At Marry Me Ireland we do not impose our own agenda or beliefs on a couple when creating their ceremony. Diversity and equality at the very heart of what we love to do. We enjoy finding out what makes our couples unique and centring their ceremony around it.  

If you’d like to speak to one of our staff here at Marry Me Ireland about creating your own bespoke wedding ceremony or booking any of our amazing celebrants then simply call or email us today.