How to Include your Pets in your Wedding

For some people their pets our like their children. They care for them and treat them like every other member of the family (for some, even better!). So when your wedding comes around and you want everyone who means the most to you to be there and involved, that might also mean your darling dog or beloved cat. This trend of involving your pets in your wedding is getting more and more popular, and is it a surprise when they are so darn cute?

It’s important to take everything into consideration when deciding whether or not you want your pet at your wedding. What type of animal is it? Are they well trained? Is it inside or outside? If it is inside, is the venue pet friendly? Even the most well trained animal can get overwhelmed and act out when they are surrounded by a lot of people they may not know, so think hard on whether or not it will be an enjoyable experience for them.

So if you have thought about all of the above and want to go full steam ahead, the next step is to figure out how you want them to be a part of your big day. The first option may be to have your pet as a guest of honour at the wedding. Have them sit beside someone they know and trust, someone they are least likely to kick up a fuss next to.

Some couples opt to have their pets as ring bearers. If they are not 100 percent going to make it up the aisle on their own you should consider having a family or friend walk, wheel or carry them up the aisle. Best man or maid of honour is another option to involve them fully in the ceremony. Or maybe you don’t want to give them any title and simply want them to walk up the aisle before or alongside you to take their place at the top.

Consider hiring a pet sitter to mind your beloved animal throughout your wedding. It is not practical to be with them all the time and you will want some photographs taken alone as a couple and with other members of your wedding party too, so you wont always have an eye on them.

If you can’t have your pet in the actual ceremony that does not mean they can’t play any part in your big day. You could have someone bring them to the venue for a bit after the ceremony to take photographs. Or maybe you could include them in fun save the date photos. Alternatively, give them a mention somewhere in your ceremony or in your vows.

If your planning to dress your pet up make sure they are comfortable and whatever they are wearing fits properly. A bowtie or a flower attached to their collar can be simple yet effective.

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