How to Organise a Fab Hen Party in 9 Simple Steps

Organising parties can be stressful as it is but there’s always an added layer of stress when it comes to planning hen parties because they have to be perfect – brides only get one! They are a lot of fun though and well worth the panic before. Follow our step by step guide to make the planning process run smoothly.

1. Consult the Bride

A lot of maid of honours skip this step and opt for a surprise party, but unless you are 1000% sure you know exactly what the bride wants then DO NOT! Some brides don’t even want a hen party, they may have made a pact with their soon to be husband to skip them. Ask the bride when she’s free, if she wants to go abroad – if so where, if she has any big no nos, and if there is anything she’d love.

2. Budget

This is the first step before any actual planning can take part. Decide between the bridesmaids what a fair budget is. This will obviously be a lot higher if you are planning to go away. Irish bridal parties usually all pay their own way, paying a little extra each to cover the bride.

3. Pick a Theme

The next step is to decide on a theme. Just like the wedding, the hen party will look and feel a lot better with a theme running throughout. This does not necessarily mean dress up, but it can do as well depending on what the bride is into.

4. Decide on a Location

This is for those wanting to go abroad or to a different part of Ireland. Galway tends to be a popular location for hen parties but Dublin can be just as fun. Make sure you decide on the location with the bride, it is for them after all.

5. Invite the Hens

It’s now time to invite the hens. Make a WhatsApp  group and add everyone invited into it. Make sure to give everyone a good bit of notice and if you’ve decided to go away then don’t be surprised if a good few can’t go. Make sure you invite everyone who the bride would want to be there, ask sisters or even the bride herself if you are unsure. Traditionally, the mother of the groom and any sisters he has are invited.

6. Book Dinner

This needs to be booked a good bit in advance because of the amount of people going. Hen parties usually choose to go to dinners with a bit more craic than usual. Maybe the chef cooks in front of you or their is karaoke. Again, make sure whatever you decide is to the brides tastes.

7. Book Activities

Hen parties are usually more than just a dinner. Decide on what activities the bride would like best and consult the other hens for advice. Make sure to stick to the budget though.

9. Games

Games are an enjoyable part of any hen party. Some possible games include, how well do you know the bride, stories about the couple, pass the parcel (naughty presents), prosecco pong, and scavenger hunt. Plan them in advance so your not stuck for fun ideas on the night.

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