Your Wedding Planning Timeline: One Week Before the Wedding

If you’ve been planning for your wedding over the past year or so, you should have everything organised by now. One week before the wedding you should be focusing on yourself and making sure everything will run smoothly on the day. It’s about making yourself feel as pampered and as reassured as can be, so you’re perfectly relaxed on your big day.

Ring Vendors

One week before the wedding you should call up all your wedding vendors to ensure that they are all prepared. Confirm they know the date and time of the wedding and the time they need to be at the venue at. If they’re experienced there will be no problems but it doesn’t hurt to double check.


Some vendors like the DJ may need to be paid in cash on the day. Get this organised in advance so you don’t have to stress about it last minute. Separate the payments into envelopes and give them to someone you trust to bring on the day, you’ll have too much to think about.

Groom’s Final Fitting

The bride should have all her fittings finished by now, but the groom’s final fitting should be around a week before the wedding. The groomsmen should do the same and collect their outfits.

Running Order

Write out your final running order and email it to your celebrant and/or wedding planner/coordinator. This will see to it that everything runs smoothly and how it should. Your celebrant will only need the running order for your ceremony and they will most likely already be aware of it, but like with your vendors, it won’t hurt.

Pamper Yourself

This is the most important thing to do the week before your wedding. Planning a wedding can be really stressful, so it’s vital you take some time for yourself before your big day. Check out our wedding beauty planner for a full timeline.

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