Your Wedding Planning Timeline: One Month Before the Wedding

Unless you are putting together a last minute wedding, the majority of your wedding planning should be finished. If you’re unsure if you have everything organised up until this point, catch up on our previous wedding planning blog and work backwards. While most things will be organised by now, there are still some last bits to do one month before the wedding.

Dress Fitting

One month before the wedding you should have a dress fitting with all of your accessories. You may not have tried everything on at the same time yet, but you really should in case something you thought would match doesn’t look right when you put it all together. This includes everything from your shoes and veil to your jewellery.

Confirm Final Guest Count

By this point, all of your guests should have RSVP’d. If they haven’t, you need to chase up on them immediately so you can confirm a final guest count. Send the number onto your vendors and venue, so you aren’t short for anything on your big day.

Prepare Seating Plan

Once you have the final guest count confirmed, you can start preparing the seating plan. How you decide on this is completely up to you. If you’re thinking about not having one at all, keep in mind that, unless you’re having a small wedding, it can get messy.

Start Vows and/or Toasts

If you are writing your own vows, you should start thinking about what you want to say around one month before the wedding. Some people will have them written in a night, but it can take others longer to perfect what they want to say and how they want to come across. If you’re having wedding toasts, organise who wants to make one and when in the wedding they’ll deliver it. If you or your partner want to say a toast, start fleshing it out about now so it’s not too stressful closer to the day.

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