Modern Weddings: A Shift in the Industry

The wedding industry is one heavily steeped in tradition, but in recent years, we’ve seen a rapidly growing trend away from what is considered traditional in terms of wedding etiquette. Today’s couples are moving away from rituals they no longer find value in and crafting their own unique, modern weddings to reflect who they are.

Many couples are choosing not to do the bouquet toss, with some brides seeing it as cliché or outdated. Its also not uncommon to forgo cutting the cake with your partner or doing away with the cake altogether in favour of dessert tables or other alternatives. One of the biggest shifts away from tradition would have to be that many Millennial brides no longer feel it’s essential to wear white on their big day, some even going to the other side of the spectrum and wearing black. Blue has become a popular colour amongst brides who want to remain true to their Celtic heritage because that’s the colour Irish brides wore for centuries. Additionally, about 40% of couples in Ireland (a figure that’s rapidly increasing) are opting for secular ceremonies and locations instead of religious services; outdoor ceremonies and picturesque venues like hotels, castles and country estates are growing in popularity.

Themed weddings are becoming an easy way for couples to make their weddings unique. These themes range from vintage to glamour to festival and everything in between. These weddings can often involve spending more money than people had in the past, but many couples find it well worthwhile in order to perfect their big day. On the other hand, DIY weddings have been on the rise lately, and while it’s a lot of work, this can be a great way to keep costs low.

We’ve also seen a trend towards waiting to get married in as of late. Modern society no longer stresses getting married as soon as possible so you can start having children; instead, the focus tends to be on establishing yourself as an individual or getting ahead in your career. As a result, we find couples getting married later in life, with added emphasis on the partnership established through marriage. No longer is it just “love, honour and obey;” it’s about entering an equal relationship with your partner and finding your way through life together. There’s also no longer a stigma on starting a family before marriage. It’s your life, follow the natural progression and do what feels right for you.

Technology has also changed modern weddings in numerous ways. Having grown up with readily-available technology, it’s no surprise that Millennials are using it in their weddings. While most people have a grandma who loves to pull out her wedding album to show every unwitting soul who enters her home, today’s couples are doing things a little differently. Having pictures and videos taken by drones, or live-streaming their weddings for people who can’t attend in person are only some of the ways modern partners are spicing up their big day. Couples are also creating their own wedding websites to both keep guests informed and to pass on their own wedding ideas to future brides and grooms.


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