Love Stories: Alanna and Emmet’s Wedding at The Marker Hotel

This July, Alanna and Emmet got married at The Marker Hotel with our amazing celebrant Jenny Lorimer. Emmet and Alanna first met at the W Hotel in Doha, Qatar, back in 2013. They specifically chose The Marker Hotel for their wedding because it reminded them of that night.

Although they were born on different continents, it was in Qatar that the couple were able to find a new home for themselves. And it was in the city of Doha that Emmet proposed to Alanna three and a half years after they met. When he found the perfect ring for Alanna, he was told it would take three months to be made. Every two weeks, without fail, he would call back asking for an update. Three months later he was told that the ring would take another three months to be ready. Emmet was so eager to propose at this stage that he immediately went to the jeweler and bought the nearest size available. When he got down on one knee four days later, the ring was far too big, but that didn’t matter to Alanna one bit and of course she said yes!

Emmet and Alanna describe themselves as a team. They provide strength in one another at every turn. For them, marriage is the solidification of their bond, the joining together of their families and friends across continents, and the first step of the rest of their lives.

Emmet and Alanna chose to have a love letter and wine box ceremony at The Marker Hotel. Sealed inside a wine box is two unread love letters written for each other. On their 5th wedding anniversary Emmet and Alanna can open the wine box, drink the wine, and read the letters for the first time. If they ever find their marriage enduring hardships they can open the box early to remind themselves why they love each other and why they got married.

Of their celebrant Jenny, Emmet and Alanna said, “As soon as Jenny became our celebrant we knew that we were in safe hands. Throughout the months prior to our wedding day, Jenny was a constant presence and guided us through every element of the ceremony. Though we lived abroad, Jenny was always easy to reach via Skype and WhatsApp. On the day itself, Jenny was a calming presence who made us and the guests at ease throughout the ceremony.  Overall, we are so grateful for Marry Me Ireland and Jenny for being a truly memorable highlight from our big day.”

Everybody at Marry Me Ireland wishes Emmet and Alanna the hugest congratulations. We hope your wedding at The Marker Hotel was everything you wished for and more.

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