Love Stories: Maggie and Sergey’s June Wedding

Today’s love story is that of Maggie and Sergey, whose June wedding was performed by our celebrant Joe Byrne. Maggie and Sergey met in fascinating circumstances. Not through social media, online dating, or nightclubs, but through the pages of the Buy and Sell!

Some time ago Maggie sought a bigger and a better place for her love nest.  Different thoughts were going through her head and perhaps making a family was one of them. All it took was a swing of a magic wand from her realtor, and Maggie was able to find the perfect place.

But it felt lonely to live there by herself, it had room for somebody special. To fill in the emptiness and to keep her mind busy, Maggie had decided to do some improvements on this love nest. Lack of time and skill in that domain pushed her to start looking for professionals to help her achieve that goal.

She then started her search on ‘Kijiji’ in the drywall section ( the European equivalent of The Golden Pages). She found an advertisement and responded with an email. In mere hours this guy was standing on her porch, ready to fulfill this young lady’s dream of a cosy home. What he did not expect is that he would fulfill Maggie’s ultimate goal, and that she would fulfill his. He would not only warm her house but would also fill her heart with love and warmth.

Both of their young hearts had been scarred and bruised, and they needed rejuvenation and tranquility. From the very moment they met they knew that they had to look no further. That night they shared their first bottle of wine and …. a first kiss. That was the beginning of something big, something that would make them happy.

In 2015, their son Ethan was born and in August 2017 their daughter Emma appeared. They have a strong sense of family and wanted to include both of their children in their wedding ceremony. Ethan was the ring bearer and Emma was the flower girl. They got married in the stunning Lough Cutra House in Galway.

Everybody at Marry Me Ireland congratulates Maggie and Sergey on their June wedding. We hope your ceremony was everything you dreamed of and more.

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