Love Stories: Rea and Paul Marry in Glenlo Abbey

This love story began in the small village of Baginton, England. Rea and Paul were going on their first date, and ever the gent that he is, Paul gave Rea full reign on the choice of venue. She tried to pick somewhere central to both of them but accidentally (she says) picked the pub ‘The Old Mill’ which was five minutes from her but an hour from poor Paul.

Deirdre Langan

The date went extremely well and Rea called her friends straight after to tell them all how gorgeous he was. “Play it cool” they said, “let him get in touch first”. Standard advice for a woman being wooed. Did she listen? Of course not. Rea text him about a half an hour later to tell him what a great time she had. He asked her out very soon after and things moved swiftly and smoothly into a blossoming relationship.

In March of 2016, they took a trip to Dubai. Whilst they were there they planned to go to the top of the great Burj Khalifa, a 160 storey tower overlooking the city. On the way up they had to go through a thorough search by the guards and Paul remembers being incredibly nervous. Unbeknownst to Rea he was carrying around a ring with the intention of proposing to her. Without her even noticing he got it passed the security check with a wink and a nod to the guards and up they went, 555 metres into the sky. When they were on the viewing platform she wanted to take selfies and he, as usual, was having none of it. He decided that he would wait until later to pop the question as the moment just wasn’t right and it would have seemed too cliché to ask on the tower.

Deirdre Langan

They found a very beautiful restaurant overlooking the water but when they asked, there were no tables. They went for a drink at a bar close by and Paul said he was just going to pop out and get something. He ran back to the restaurant, explained his situation and that he wanted to propose and they offered him a water side table. They were treated like royalty on their return, the waiters were watching them closely, waiting for Paul to make his move, they waited and waited and waited. Still no sign of a ring.

The meal was over, they ordered some drinks and Paul asked if Rea would like to move to a comfier place over on the couch. It took a bit of persuading and a large Baileys but she agreed. After another couple of Baileys later he had finally found his moment. This was it. He took out his speech, got on one knee and began to ask for her hand. The staff were more thrilled than anyone as they had cleaned the entire restaurant by now and were ready to go home. Rea was too busy bawling to hear a word of Paul’s speech although she did manage to blub out a ‘Yes’. The next day they had two rings designed and fitted which they wore home just to be on the safe side.

Deirdre Langan

Rea and Paul got married in Glenlo Abbey, Galway by one of our Connacht celebrants, David Keane. They were surrounded by all of their friends and family and claim they, “would not change one thing about their ceremony and would choose David every time.” The happy couple exchanged vows, placed rings on each others fingers, and performed a handfasting. This is the oldest form of marriage where ribbon binds the couples hands together, this is where the phrase ‘hand in marriage’ comes from.

Everyone at Marry Me Ireland wishes Rea and Paul the happiest future together and we hope your Irish wedding was everything you wished for and more.

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