Love Stories: Rachel and Paul’s Romantic Wedding at Camden Fort

Today’s love story is that of Rachel and Paul, who married in Camden Fort this past October. Camden Fort, which is nearly 500 years old, is a stunning location in Co. Cork, that is known worldwide as one of the finest remaining examples of a classical Coastal Artillery Fort in the world. It was the perfect location for the perfect day.

Rachel and Paul were introduced by Paul’s Aunt and Uncle the night before he set off on a charity bike ride from Cork to Sligo in memory of Paul’s grandmother Esther. Rachel and Paul found themselves staying in contact through social media, until Paul returned to Cork for the world naked bike ride in 2011. This meeting cemented their feelings towards each other and Paul, once again, found himself packing his suit case destined for Cork City – this time, it was for good!

Fast forward 10 months and whilst on a trip to London they played an engagement prank on Paul’s
family. However, this backfired and it made them suddenly realise it was actually what they
both really wanted. Once they returned to Cork it was straight into the jewellers where Rachel chose
her diamond and Paul made it official on a bent knee. Soon after the engagement they moved in
together and have been living together happily ever since. That brings us up to their wedding and the start of their happily ever after.

Our wonderful celebrant, Maree O’Sullivan performed Rachel and Paul’s wedding ceremony. Rachel had nothing but praise for Maree, she said, “I could talk about her all day. She was amazing!!! We knew within minutes of meeting her that this was the woman for the job.”

Rachel and Paul had romantic readings, exchanged vows and rings, and then had an ancient Celtic handfasting at their wedding ceremony. A handfasting ceremony is where we get the term ‘tying the knot’ from, it bounds the couple together in love and commitment forever.

Everybody at Marry Me Ireland wishes Paul and Rachel the happiest life together, and we hope your day was as special as you imagined it to be.

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