Love Stories: Nicole and Allan’s Maritime Marriage

photo by Sandra Walsh photography

Today’s couple Nicole and Allan, chose Dublin’s impressive coastline for their maritime marriage. They first met in Calgary in 2013. They were both living in the same apartment complex so they were literally each other’s boy and girl next door. One night as they sat around the communal fire pit they found themselves chatting, they felt at ease in each other’s company, they made each other laugh and that night was the beginning of this wonderful journey. Nicole hailed from Sweden and Allan is Canadian and so they figured Ireland was a good meet up point for their wedding. They chose Dublin’s maritime museum as their venue, Dun Laoghaire’s 180-year-old Mariners Church.

The proposal also had somewhat of a maritime theme. They discussed marriage but no definite plan was in place as far as Nicole was aware. But Allan was working away behind the scenes planning his proposal he wanted it to be something special, something memorable, something Nicole would never forget. So, on a trip to Los Angeles while they were riding the Ferris Wheel on beautiful Santa Monica pier, Allan knew this was that special moment. He also knew that getting down on one knee in the little basket was no mean feat but he managed it and asked Nicole to be his wife. There was no hesitation from Nicole; in fact her ‘Yes’ was apparently heard in Sweden! These two people knew they were meant to be together and that life is so much better when they were.

Their Marry Me Ireland Ceremony was written and delivered by the wonderful Eveanna O’Meara. Here’s what they said about it.. ” After months of trying to find the perfect celebrant for our destination wedding in Dublin, we came across Marry Me Ireland and they instantly stood out from the rest. We interviewed with Eveanna on Skype and knew right away that we wanted her to be our celebrant. Leading up to the wedding she was so helpful, answering all of our questions and she wrote such a sweet love story based on our previous skype meeting.

The ceremony could not have been more perfect. Eveanna did such an incredible job, making the ceremony so special. Our guests were all talking about how beautiful the ceremony turned out, and it really did. We could not have asked for anything more! Thank you so much Marry me Ireland and Eveanna for being such an important part of our big day, you were absolutely amazing.

They had a fabulous reception at the iconic Royal Marine Hotel afterwards. There’s nothing like a bit of sea air to whet the appetite. The typical maritime marriage venue.

It has been known to give you a thirst too!

photo by Sandra Walsh

It just goes to show that Dublin’s fantastic old seaside towns have some real gems and offer the perfect backdrop for a nostalgic and nautical, magical maritime marriage. Thanks to our couple today for their Love story and we wish you well in the future and and to  Sandra Walsh photography for sharing her images with us today.

maritime Museum Marriage Ceremony photo by Sandra Walsh Photography

For more information on creating your bespoke ceremony – maritime or not – contact Marry Me Ireland.


The National Maritime Museum – Ceremony
The Royal Marine Hotel – Reception
Sandra Walsh – Photography
Marry Me Ireland celebrant Eveanna O’Meara
Rachel Cleary – Hair and Makeup