Love Stories: Junio and Alan’s Spectacular Wedding at the Intercontinental

Today’s love story began in Dublin years ago when Junio and Alan went for drinks in the Front Lounge with their respective friends. Both sets of friends went home early, so already knowing each other, the two decided to stay on and have a drink together and see how they got on (famously, is obviously the answer). After just one drink, Alan asked Junio if they could call it their first official date. And so this
wonderful relationship began.

Alan and Junio quickly became inseparable, they were so at ease in each other’s company. Enjoying nights out, nights in, and of course the odd bottle of wine. Their worlds had now combined and they were dizzy with the thought of each other. After a while, Alan moved to Washington DC for work, and Junio stayed in Ireland working and studying. They hit a bump in the road and decided a long distance relationship was not for them – this lasted all of three days when they realised that distance was nothing
compared to the love they had for each other and the joy they brought to each other’s lives.

Fast forward to a night on the top of the Marker hotel. Alan had set a wonderful scene with champagne and music. He got down on bended knee and asked Junio, his best friend, to be his husband. Junio said he was so overwhelmed that he blacked out, but of course he said yes! This quote from Patience Strong reflects a lot about their relationship, “The thought of you runs through my days, a thread of gold that glints and gleams. The thought of you is never absent when I weave my web of dreams. The thought of you brings out the sun when shadows fall around my path. It is the road that leads me homeward and the flame that warms my hearth.”

Junio and Alan said ‘I do’ in the stunning Intercontinental Hotel in front of their family and friends last November. Eveanna O’Meara performed the ceremony of which the couple said, “Eveanna was brilliant. We received so many comments about how she made everybody feel relaxed.”

They had a handfasting ceremony, one of the oldest wedding rituals dating back to the Pre-Christian era in Ireland. It is where we get the expressions ‘tying the knot’ and ‘bonds of matrimony’ from. The knot represents that which, like love, grows stronger under pressure. They used blue, orange, and green coloured ribbons to represent both of their home country’s flags – Brazil and Ireland, and Pink to represent romance and happiness.  They shared their vows and exchanged rings, and were then pronounced huband and husband.

Everybody at Marry Me Ireland wishes Junio and Alan the happiest life together and we hope your wedding ceremony was everything you ever dreamed of and more.

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