Love Stories: Eamonn and Saweena’s Thai Wedding in Kilcoran Lodge

Today’s love story is that of Eamonn and Saweena. It began across the world in Bahrain on Christmas Eve 2011, Saweena’s birthday.

They had not met yet but as fate would have it they were both out enjoying themselves at the same bar. From across the crowded room they made eye contact, and the rest they say – is history.

Eamonn and Saweena both lived in different countries but kept in contact through email. Their first date, a housewarming party for Saweena’s friend, quickly turned into frequent visits between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

They first realised how much they meant to each other when Eamonn went travelling around South America, a trip he had planned before they met. It was extremely difficult for them to be apart and so they began to recognise how important their relationship was to both of them. They weathered long distance, speaking every day, and because true love always finds a way of working out, when they finally reunited in Bangkok in 2013 they vowed to be together forever.

Eamonn and Saweena got married in front of their family and friends in Kilcoran Lodge, Tipperary on the 7th July 2017. Their celebrant Maree described the day as stunning, “an amazing setting to celebrate the very special love between Eamonn and Saweena.”

Because Saweena is from Thailand not all of her friends and family could make it, so in order to bring a touch of her home into their special day they decided on a Thai themed wedding. This ran through their ceremony and into their reception with Maree even speaking a few words of Thai to keep in line with the theme.

Eamoon and Saweena chose to have a ‘Unity Candle Ceremony’. This involves a member from each family lighting two candles; the couple then take a candle each and light the unity candle together. It symbolises the joining together of the two families into one united family.

Eamonn told us after the ceremony – “Maree was really great! She was very easy to get on with and not pushy or overbearing. She allowed us to have the ceremony as we wanted it but also had some great ideas and suggestions to improve the ceremony. We were very impressed with her and very grateful she was there to help us through.”

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