Love Stories: Deborah and Séan’s Galway wedding

Today’s love story began two years ago with a handshake at a train station across the Atlantic. Upon finally meeting his date for the first time, Séan was a tad nervous and stuck out his hand and asked a dumbfounded Deborah, “How’s it goin?”

After the somewhat awkward formal greeting, Séan took Deborah to an upscale fancy restaurant. The date started how it meant to go on and the two were nervous throughout. Afterwards, the gallant suitor took his lady to the door of the station and said, “I’ll leave you here so..”. So Deborah headed to the platform alone and got on the train for home.

Séan was either totally love struck or that handshake had a major impact because he headed home the wrong way. When Deborah was on the train home she received an apology from her date saying, he hoped she hadn’t noticed how nervous he was (she did!) but it didn’t deter her from a second date, which brings the story to the Marin headlands, which has a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge, a good while later.

As luck would have it, on that day of all days, there were roadworks going up to the Marin headlands, and it was not possible to park up there. Deborah had no idea today was going to be a day she’d remember forever and could not understand why Séan was so anxious about being able to reach the top. On the way down they stopped at a trail to go for a walk, and on that walk he popped the question, “Will you marry me?” Of course Deborah said yes.

Deborah and Séan married this August in the Twelve Hotel, Barna. They exchanged their own vows in front of all of their family and friends. Their ceremony included a unity candle lighting. This represents the bringing together of their two families into one. Their wedding had a strong element of family in it and their nieces got up to read blessings, thoughts on marriage, and advice.

Our Connaucht celebrant, David Keane performed Deborah and Séan’s ceremony and they had nothing but wonderful things to say about him,  “I would highly recommend him, on the day he was so eloquent in telling our story, he made us laugh, he made us cry, but also made us all feel very comfortable.” Everybody from the Marry Me Ireland team wish Deborah and Séan the best luck and love together in life, and we hope you had the wedding of your dreams.

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