Love Stories: Adrienne and Dane’s Cliffs of Moher Wedding

Adrienne and Dane said ‘I do’ this summer on top of the Cliffs of Moher. Their love story started 7 years ago at a bar Adrienne was working at. She immediately caught Dane’s eye and after a little too much whiskey, Dane told his friends that he didn’t care what it took, he was going to marry her someday. Adrienne just laughed it off, she wasn’t ready for a romantic relationship at that time.

After 2 years of persisting, Adrienne finally agreed to go out with Dane. I guess you could say it was long awaited. They went into Boulder Colorado and had dinner and drinks at Adrienne’s favourite Mexican restaurant. Something just clicked that night… they both knew that something very special was happening. After a few months, Adrienne introduced Dane to her son, Christopher, and they became friends right away. Slowly Dane and Christopher’s relationship grew, just as theirs did, and Dane became a father figure to Christopher. They became a little family. In October 2016 they welcomed their little girl Makenna into the world. She has been the light of their lives ever since.

Dane proposed to Adrienne in his mother’s backyard in 2016 at night. He decorated everything in beautiful white flowers and lit up his mother’s gazebo and had tea light candles lining the pathway for Adrienne to walk down. It was a total surprise! Dane got down on one knee and asked Christopher first if he could be his step dad. Then he turned to Adrienne and drew a blank. He had completely forgotten the speech he had prepared. But that didn’t matter, it was perfect just as it was.

Adrienne and Dane got married on the Cliffs of Moher with our celebrant Lisa O’Brien. They had a wine box ceremony and a handfasting. A wine box ceremony is a beautiful addition to any wedding, commitment ceremony, or vow renewal. The couple seals a letter each in a wine box until a select date or alternatively, a testing time in their relationship.  They can come together to read each others letters and drink the wine and reflect on their wedding and love for each other.

The expression tying the knot comes from handfasting ceremonies. A hand fasting ceremony is an age old Irish tradition that bonds a couple together in love. Coloured ribbons are tied around the couples hands, and just as a knot gets stronger under pressure, so does love.

Everyone at Marry Me Ireland wishes Adrienne and Dane the biggest congratulations on their spectacular Cliffs of Moher wedding. We hope your wedding was everything you have dreamed of and more.

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