Involving your Mother in Law in your Wedding

If you are close to your mom, when you are planning your wedding, it’s only natural to gravitate towards her for advice. You may want her there when you are choosing your dress, picking out flowers and cake and everything else along the way. This is great, however, you need to remember there’s probably more than one mother that wants to be involved. Mother in laws can add extra stress at an already stressful time when planning a wedding, especially if you don’t already get along. My advice would be, to try and include them where you can, it will ease tensions in the long run.

Set Aside Time

Plan a lunch or invite them over to your house to look at their wedding photos and talk about marriage. It’ll be a bonding experience over anything else and they may even have some solid advice for you before you walk down the aisle.

Dress Shopping

Shopping for the dress can be super exciting for more than just the bride so ask her if she’d like to join (if you want her there). Alternatively, ask her which parts of the planning process are most important to her and try and come to a compromise. A lot of brides to be, go with their mother in law to pick our her dress too, make a day of it and enjoy the experience together.

The Rehearsal Dinner

If you don’t mind relinquishing control, you could ask your mother in law to plan the rehearsal dinner. Traditionally, the grooms family organises this part of the wedding. Of course get her to get your approval and be involved, but try and step behind the scenes for this one, your stress levels will thank you for it.

Beauty Time

If you and your bridal party are all getting ready together, why not ask her to be there too. She will want to look her very best and the experience is something you can remember together forever.

Your Fiancée

Although it’s important that you involve your mother in law in your part of planning the wedding it is even more important for your fiancée to involve their own mother. Make sure they’re asking her for advice on all the tasks they are appointed to, like picking out the tuxes.

While this is all great if you and your partners mother are on amicable terms, we understand this is not always the case. So this is definitely not a one size fits all guide. At the end of the day, this is your special day, so play around with it and do what feels right for you and your significant other.

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