Fun and Exciting Ideas for your Wedding Tables

It is often the small quirky ideas that make weddings memorable. Your wedding guests will spend a good deal of time at their tables, especially if you are having a sit down dinner. It’s important that everyone at the table is comfortable and mingling. These wedding table ideas will not only break the ice, but they’ll have everyone laughing and having fun.

Table Names

A fun idea to set the tone early at your wedding reception is to come up with table names. Have the table names echo your wedding theme or tell a story. If you’re dividing your family and friends into wedding tables depending on who knows who, try and come up with a funny table name that describes that group of people. Alternatively, you could name each table after a significant time in you and your partner’s lives, such as pet names and holiday destinations.

Table Games

Table games are a great way to add personality to your wedding day. Pit your wedding tables against each other, and you’re guaranteed to have everyone making friends. Why not have a short couples quiz to see which table knows you and your partner the best?

Disposable Cameras

Encourage your wedding guests to take loads of photos, and leave a disposable camera on each table. There’s something exciting about getting the pictures developed a while later, not knowing what to expect. It’s a more traditional, and cheaper, version of the photo booth.

Dessert Centerpieces

Nearly every wedding you will go to will have flower centrepieces. Don’t get us wrong we love flowers, especially at weddings, but we also love the idea of mini cake centrepieces to mix things up. Instead of having one big cake, place a small cake in the middle of each table. It’s a quirky talking point and will get your guests excited for dessert.

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