Handfasting Ceremonies

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Here at Marry Me Ireland we are always being asked to perform Handfasting as part of our ceremonies. There is a huge growing trend in all of the old Irish marriage traditions and couples are choosing to ‘tie the knot’ in their droves.  The ceremony has a few variations, you can use one cord and have the hands wrapped by your celebrant or you can choose a variety of colours and have a selection of your guests lay them over the hands. Each colour represents a gift or blessing bestowed upon the marriage. This is a really lovely way to include family and friends in the ceremony. There is no extra charge for this and we provide the ribbons which you get to keep. All of our celebrants are trained in how to perform a handfasting.

It usually happens after the ring exchange and the photographer can get some fabulous shots of the hands wrapped in bright coloured ribbons with the wedding rings on. The Handfasting ceremony is steeped in our ancient historical traditions and was the most common form of betrothal and marriage under Brehon Laws. Often these marriages would take place at large festivals such as The Tailteann games in Meath or on spots like the Hill of Tara, at sacred wells or the many sacred sites around the land. The ties represent the bind of the vows made and the knot represents that which, like a good marriage, strengthens under pressure!

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