4 Halloween Proposal Ideas that your Partner will Love

I don’t know about you but Halloween is one of my favourite times of year. I absolutely love everything to do with it, from the costumes, to the horror films, to the pumpkin carving.  If your significant other is super into Halloween as well, why not incorporate it into your proposal? If that sounds like something you’d both love see if any of our Halloween proposal ideas jump out at you.

1. Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is something I make sure to do every year no matter how busy I am. I get super competitive and try to go all out with movie characters and elaborate designs. If you and your partner like to do this together every year it would make for a really romantic proposal. You could just pop the question while you are having fun, or even carve “Marry Me?” into the pumpkin if you are carving separate pumpkins.

2. Trick or Treating

This is a really cute one for couples with kids. Go trick or treating as a family and surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend near the end. You could get your kids involved or even give a trusted friend, at a house you are calling to, the ring to hand to your partner when you say “Trick or Treat”.

3. Scary Movie

Not everyone would like an over the top public proposal and they’d prefer a more intimate affair. If that sounds like your other half, it’s important to take that into consideration. If you both love to chill and watch movies together, then a relaxed Halloween proposal watching a film together might be more meaningful than an elaborate event.

4. Fireworks

If you live in an area that has bonfire or firework nights around Halloween, this might be the perfect opportunity to pop the question. Make a romantic night of it and bring them for dinner beforehand but keep the proposal for when the fireworks are going off. Bonus – this will make for great photographs!

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