First Look- Savouring the Moment.

First Look

The moment a couple set eyes on each other on their wedding day is both intense and hugely emotional. So much time and effort goes into choosing the outfits, hair, make-up, flowers, jewelry and the finished product is guaranteed a gasp and even a heart flutter. The ‘first look’ is a relatively modern ritual which takes place just before the ceremony itself. The couple are given a space and a few minutes just to see each other ¬†privately and if there are a few tears, there is nobody around to see. This is a wonderful way to treasure and savour this moment, this will probably be the last chance for a bit of quiet, alone time that whole day.

It is a chance for a couple to connect, centre themselves and calm those last minute nerves. It is great for those who get stage fright or who may burst into tears at the sight of their partner at the other end of the aisle. It prevents couples from feeling overwhelmed by that first moment, we have all seen that ‘rabbit in the headlights’ glaze! . It also has the advantage of taking away the long wait that a groom has to endure, standing at the top of the aisle waiting for his fashionably late bride to show up!

This can take place in a private room, a garden or in the wedding car on arrival.

Some couples chose to be photographed in the moments after they first spy each other. This is the time of the day when the couple will look their absolute best, before hair gets ruffled, ties get loosened and make-up fades. For some couples this is the best the will have ever looked in their lives after months of slaving away at the gym, dieting and grooming. A whole team of people will have contributed to the outfits, hair, make-up and bouquet. It makes total sense to capture the moment for posterity, before the mascara runs and everything is covered in wedding cake crumbs.

First Look

This tender and intimate moment gives a couple a last chance to exchange sweet nothings and rub noses before they tie the knot.

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