Finding a Celebrant Last-Minute

last minute wedding ceremony celebrant

Here at Marry Me Ireland we are seeing a high demand for last-minute marriage ceremonies. We can always provide a celebrant last-minute anywhere in Ireland. Sometimes couples need this service because of a delay in the legal paperwork being ready for the registrar or a couple were unable to find anyone to do a legal ceremony at short notice. Within just one week, The Marry Me Team can meet with a couple either by Skype or in person and have a personalised ceremony ready to be delivered by one of our accredited nationwide celebrants.

last-minute celebrant

Many couples from overseas want to mark their journey through Ireland by having a private, romantic wedding or Vow Renewal and this is entirely possible, even at very short notice. We can arrange a fitting and personalised ceremony, even at the very last-minute.

celebrant last-minute

It doesn’t always matter to couples whether or not they have the traditional big day out for hundreds of their friends and family. They can choose to have a small party of guests or even just themselves and this is just as romantic and meaningful as the larger event. For some of our couples, when they get engaged and make the decision to marry they cannot wait a year or two years and so they think ‘lets just do it’. For some, a more spontaneous and ‘seat of pants’ style wedding is more their style. This is now more easy to organise than ever before. As celebrants we do not perform the legal side of a marriage, only the celebration and ritual itself. We do not need the obligatory three months notice that the registrars do and we can perform a ceremony anywhere and on any day of the week. Many hotels and suppliers do great deals on off-peak days and months and it is well worth shopping around to find the best deal on a room and or a meal. ¬†There are also many ideas on potential alternative venues our pop-up weddings page.

celebrant last minute


If you need a celebrant in a hurry and can’t wait to tie the knot, just get in touch.¬†