Festival Themed Weddings -a great way to celebrate this summer in style!

Tips For A Fabulous Festival Themed Wedding

The question has been popped and love is in the air, so try not to let the wedding planning make those warm, fuzzy feelings disappear completely. Planning your wedding can be stressful, especially when the list of everything you need for your special day seems to grow day by day. If you’re looking for a fun, creative outlet for all that stress and want your wedding to be unique, why not go with a festival theme? Trendy and exciting, a festival themed wedding is sure to be memorable and give your big day some rustic flair! We’ve compiled a list of some popular must-haves to make your wedding planning a little bit easier.

“Ticketed Entry”

Instead of traditional wedding invitations or save-the-dates, try sending out lanyards, wristbands, or faux tickets to everyone on your list. It’s fun and quirky and will certainly leave an impression on your guests!

Beating the Rain

Since no one can prevent the rain, there a few steps to prepare for rain on your big day. Many venues that host outdoor weddings have marquees available for use, and many couples are choosing to design their own wellies for themselves and their attendants! In the end, it’s only rain, and you’re sure to have a marvellous time no matter what, so don’t stress out. Go with the flow!


Alternative Seating, Tents, and Signs

In true festival fashion, real chairs and solid structures should be hard to find. Many people who choose to have a festival-themed wedding hire a large tent or a series of tents for guests to rest, party, and eat under. Rustic, painted signs can show guests the way to go when searching for each of these things if you’ve booked a large venue. And what’s a festival without blankets or hay bales for picnic-style seating?

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Flower crowns are a beautiful and easy DIY project that fit perfectly with the aesthetic. You can even weave some into your braid to go a step further. Baskets, wooden crates, and metal tubs full of colourful flowers will help brighten up your venue and create eye-catching displays. Or if flowers aren’t really your thing, streamers, banners or even dreamcatchers are great details that will add a pop of colour and style.

Light it Up!

Fairy lights, lanterns or festoon lighting will all be equally beautiful and create a magical atmosphere for your big day. You can also supply your guests with glow sticks or sparklers to really go with the festival theme. It’s a fun idea for any children that might be there (and let’s face it, adults too).

Extra Flair

Above all, you want to make this day your own, so make sure to design the day according to what’s important to you. While generally more expensive than a DJ, a live band that plays music you love can really make the day feel special and provide great entertainment. A photo booth for guests to take pictures in is a great way to get pictures of your guests enjoying themselves and remember who was there to help you celebrate! Food vans are also an alternative to catering that can make your festival wedding feel even more authentic.

These ideas are by no means the only way to plan a festival wedding, so talk to your venue and add your own ideas to make the day your own! For some people, having a festival-themed wedding isn’t enough. A couple were married last year in an inflatable church last year at Electric Picnic! Marry Me Ireland’s trained celebrants are available to help make your wedding dreams a reality – be that small and intimate, a festival-themed extravaganza, or a ceremony in the middle of your favourite music festival.