Festival Themed Wedding – Ideas, Advice and Inspiration

Now more than ever, couples are looking for ways to take their wedding to the next level. They want a wedding to remember, not just for themselves, but a wedding that their guests will think back on. The best way to do this is to have a unique wedding, a wedding with a bit of personality. Themed weddings are a great way to bring your own style into your special day. If you theme your wedding around something you love, it will not only be unique but it will be something with character.

Summer weddings are being planned around now, so we thought we’d give the music lovers and free spirits some inspiration for their wedding day with festival themed wedding ideas. Festivals aren’t for everyone but if it’s something you and your friends live for each year, why not make your wedding just as fun?


A festival themed wedding should definitely be outside. The ideal location is somewhere a bit recluse. If you have a friend who lives on a lot of land, that would be perfect. If you’re worried it might rain you should hire a marquee (there’s loads of big tents at festivals for the acts, so it wouldn’t be off theme).


This is one of the more important parts of the wedding planning. If you have budget for it you should hire both a band and a DJ. Have them play one after the other like at a real festival.


Instead of sending out invites to people, send out tickets. Give them a wrist band as well so they can really get in the mood on the day. Advertise the music acts you’ll have and let them know the dress code – festival style.


Instead of having a sit down dinner, hire out food trucks like you’d find at a real festival. Have your guests sit on wooden picnic benches and eat whenever they’re hungry, rather than at allocated times.


Give your guests the option of bringing a tent and sleeping over. The look of all the tents alone will really give everyone the festival feel and make for great photographs. If you are having older people at your wedding, they might not want to do this, so make sure it’s optional and nobody feels obliged.

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