Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Keep Your Guests Laughing

Eating, drinking, and listening to music (and of course watching you say I Do), is all that’s expected at a wedding and your guests will surely have a great time. However, if you want to add something to give it an extra flair of excitement, these entertaining options are sure to give your guests something to remember.

Photo Booth

Photo booths are popular at weddings every year and that’s for very good reason. It gives your guests the opportunity to let their hair down and dress up in goofy glasses and hats. They’ll get a keepsake momentum of your wedding day to bring home as well.


This is an alternative idea to the photo booth. If you are looking for something a little more quirky and original why  not get an artist to draw your guests. It’ll have to be someone who can draw quickly though because this is sure to be a popular attraction.


Games are always a solid way to get your guests enjoying themselves. Have your maid of honour or best man come up with various games to play throughout the night. Mr and Mrs is always a good go to but if you aren’t feeling it here is a list of some other fun choices. 

Art Station

This is for the creative wedding party. Make an arts and crafts table that your guests can channel their inner Picasso at. If you are having kids at your wedding this is a great way to keep them occupied. Like the photo booth, they’ll be able to bring home a keepsake from this too.


This is one of the better ways to entertain your guests. This is a sure fire way to get your guests into a good mood. Hire a comedian to do a sketch after dinner, and let him know some dirt on your guests to get them even more involved.

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