Ways to Entertain your Wedding Guests Between the Ceremony and Reception

There’s usually a gap between the wedding ceremony and the reception, particularly if they are in different locations. That gap gives you and your husband or wife time to regroup, fix your hair and makeup, and get wedding photographs taken. You will also need a minute together to reflect on the ceremony before you head to the reception. If your wedding guests don’t live near by they may not know what to do to kill time between the two, here are some entertaining suggestions.

Cocktails and Nibbles

By about this time your wedding guests will be starting to get hungry. Invite your wedding guests back to the reception area for champagne and nibbles while they wait for the wedding reception to begin. You don’t even need to cover the drink tab if it isn’t in your budget. If you cover the cost of the finger food they can decide for themselves if they want to order a drink .

Hire a Party Bus

If there’s a good bit of travelling between your ceremony and your reception it might be a fun idea to hire out a couple of party buses to transport your guests. There will be lots of loud music playing and your guests will even be allowed to drink on board.


Nothing makes a wedding more memorable than memorable activities. Hire out a comedian or a magician to put on a display while your guests are waiting. If you don’t want to hire anyone out, a homemade game of bingo or ‘how well do you know the couple’ can work just as well.


If one of the reasons you’ll be delayed is because you will be busy taking photos, why not involve your wedding guests in some? It will be nice to keep photos of the whole wedding party as a keepsake and you can even send them as thank you cards after the fact.

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